Grain + Oilseeds Program

Covering America from Coast to Coast

Through this project, we will work with farmers to utilize holistic management and soil health protocols to produce oats, rye, flax, buckwheat, and camelina.

Technical Assistance

The SustainAg Advisory team will assist farmers with a customized implementation plan to select the best cover crop mixes and holistic practices for the operation. Select producers will have the opportunity to try biochar as a soil amendment, as well.

Incentive Payment Rate

In addition to growing the specialty grains and oilseeds, participating farmers must plant equal acreage of a multi-species cover crop or forage planting on the same operation, with cost-share available for that practice

Premium Payments

A 10-20% premium payment for verified climate-smart grains and oilseeds will be offered for commodities that are purchased through the program.

Program Details


Currently enrolling farmers in South Dakota and surrounding states. Incentive payments are not available for seedings that are already receiving cost share from another USDA source (EQIP, CSP, and others) or incentives from carbon programs.

Program Requirements

The SustainAg Advisory Team will work with farmers to implement and verify holistic management practices and measure outcomes so that incentive and premium payments can be distributed. This will require GPS mapping and soil sampling up to twice per year.

Participating farmers must plant equal acreage of a multi-species cover crop or forage planting on the same operation where the specialty oilseeds or grains are grown – and also implement two of the following practices:

  • Reduced tillage or no-till
  • Reduced N usage through a Nutrient Management Plan
  • Minimum of a three-crop rotation

Data Privacy

No individual data will be shared outside of the project. AgSpire will own aggregated data to protect individual privacy.

Program Advisor

Senior Conservation Agronomist