Grazing Program

Enhanced Biodiversity on Grazing Land Program

Presented in partnership with the Second Century Habitat Fund, the Enhanced Biodiversity on Grazing Land Program utilizes diverse seedings and prescribed grazing to enhance existing grasslands in the Prairie Pothole region. The program focuses on creating greater plant diversity, establishing additional pollinator and wildlife habitat, and improving forage availability and quality.

Technical Assistance

Our team will provide individualized technical assistance, including a grazing management plan for the operation; seed mix recommendations; and one-on-one assessment of available incentive programs.

Practice Incentive Payments

$120/acre value, which includes a Renovo Seed proprietary seed mix and a $60/acre incentive payment.

Program Details

Participating producers may enroll up to 160 acres per operation to interseed or overseed, with a mix that includes at least 12 beneficial, non-invasive prairie grassland species for enhanced grazing and habitat creation.


  • Enrolled acres are intended to be grazed for the program’s 10-year participation period under the grazing management plan.


  • Cannot convert or spray a broad spectrum herbicide on acres during participation period (targeted, spot spraying of noxious weeds only).


  • Must allow monitoring, measurement, and GPS mapping of the operation during participation period to verify environmental outcomes.

Program Advisor

Technical Advisor